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Here you can find work and interviews pertinent to Writing Through Fences. Click on the links.

Ravi speaks to 2ser about his book From Hell to Hell written from within Australia’s detention camp on Nauru.

Mark Isaacs (The Undesireables) about launching Ravi’s book in Sydney

From Hell to Hell – Ravi on PBS

Listen in to hear Navven Nave Ravi speak about his new book From Hell to Hell published by Writing Through Fences and released last week. Ravi wrote this book whilst incarcerated in Australia’s black site on Nauru. Congratulations Ravi. Sales are available at our online shop.

Hani Abdile, Ruhollah Hussain and Ms Chu speak to SBS. Thank you to Rodney Decker

The Guardian Australia: June 2015

Video and interview with Saideh, artist and journalist.

Video and interview with ‘Peter’ writer, poet, photographer.

Video and interview with Janet Galbraith.  Through the Moon: Poets of Manus and Nauru

 Produced by The Story Collective with funding by GetUp!  Read more

ABC Open: October 2014

Video and interview with Janet Galbraith. Read More

Borderlands e-journal, Vol 13 No 1 2014
Breaching the walls through a nourishing practice of resistance. Read more

New Parliament Magazine: March 2014

Janet Galbraith in conversation with Hani Aden & Boush Boush , two of the group’s active members. Read more