Almost beyond words … Remain

ALMOST BEYOND WORDS Art work by j.luan Dancing Brush Visit the above site to support this expressive artist. FROM Farhad Bandesh and Jenell Quinsee The Big Exhale is about the need to be free, free from cages, free from fences. It is about the need to breathe in and exhale deeply, with the relief…Continue Reading

The Big Exhale: Farhad Bandesh

  You are all invited to the premiere of the music video: THE BIG EXHALE by Farhad Bandesh and an exhibition of his art work Friday 26 April 2019 @ 6pm Blak Dot Gallery – 33 Saxon St, Brunswick ONE NIGHT ONLY Farhad is a talented Kurdish visual artist, musician and instrument maker who has…Continue Reading

5 long years 19 July 2018

19th July 2018  5 long years      Kindness, it’s our duty to keep the remarkable work every kind human has left behind. This is a reminder for all of us to continue watering the garden they have planted long time ago while they had nothing but love and passion for what they believed in….Continue Reading


JULY = NAIDOC image taken from booktopia   Already we are in July.  It is NAIDOC week.  A week celebrating First Nations people of Australia.  It is a time to remind those of us who are not of these First Nations people to always remember the land called Australia is, was and always will be…Continue Reading

Exhibitions, book launches and mourning

photos, remembering, mourning, art work, exhibitions, book launches, poetry: Sunrise / Sunset (Manus Island June 2018) photographer Samad Abdul                               Until when we will say RIP and forget it. Until when we’ll condemn and forget it. Until when we’ll express ourselves…Continue Reading

Give me some sunshine, give me some rain

Welcome to the Writing Through Fences blog for May.   May has been a a very hard time for so many of us at Writing Through Fences.  However, many have kept creating and there has been some happy news.   Congratulations on your marriage Boush     “Life” You are so beautiful, amazing You are…Continue Reading

The Strong Sunflower

WRITING THROUGH FENCES IS EXCITED TO LAUNCH THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF POETRY AND ART:   THE STRONG SUNFLOWER     click here to go to our shop and buy this beautiful book for more about The Strong Sunflower visit: The Strong Sunflower

Strength of Women

Welcome to our March 2018 blog (yes we have got it up a bit late!). STRENGTH OF WOMEN     Here we are focusing on the work of two women, artist Miream Salameh and poet Hani Abdile.  You will find short videos of Miream and Hani’s work, links to their websites, an interview with accompanying…Continue Reading

Remembering Reza Barati 2018

(Free Poetry at CASPA Castlemaine) In this our second blog post for 2018 we remember Reza Barati’s life.  And we remember his murder 4 years ago in the Manus Prison. Boush writes of his five years in Indonesia, Kazem sends a poem of love and loss from Manus, longing for home is powerfully written by…Continue Reading