We’re Puppets : Poem from Nauru


“We’re Puppets”


In a black cold night

Tears falling

The CORD has been tied

Conquered feeling

I’ve nothing to lose

Soul has rusted

There’s no way to choose


I’ve got a hatred master

He’s a BEAST

The lord of POLITICS’ theater

Prisoner of KIDS

But on this black cold night

Everything will end

The cord has been tied

Escape from hell

I am not afraid

I am already dead.


  • A.  from Australia’s black site on Nauru
  • art work by Eaten Fish

Welcome to you and God bless you



Sunday 2016 – Manus Island

I would like to tell you about my visit to church. I went church for the first time in my life. It was a great visit. One of my Irani friends told me about it.

‘Let’s go for church,’ he said.

I said, ‘I am Muslim. I am not on the list’.

He said to me, ‘Doesn’t matter that you are not on the list. I will tell them’.

He is my friend.

We went to the church by bus. The church program had started when we reached there. The Transfield (Broadspectrum) gave us two kina to give a donation to the church. There were religious songs. The priest said welcome to the refugees. They met with us. The local people were very happy to see us. They had a very good response. At the end of the program, the priest priest shook hands with us.

The priest told us, ‘I saw you for the first time. Welcome to you and God bless you’. I said, ‘Thank you. God bless you too’.

There were a lot of local children and women in the church. I really like the children. We shake hands with the children and local people. They have very good response. The Transfield gave us two tickets water bottle. We distributed these to the local people. It was fun in my life.

Thanks for everyone to support and respect us.

I had a very good experience.

– Spogami