During The Seige

Hi Friends.

As we all knew That,We have been protesting from 2 months in Manus Island closed detention center.But we are so polite with everyone here.we don’t want terrible here.but the PNG immigration officer sometime the do really bad things here.like we were collecting water in box for drinking and use for bathroom.so yesterday they kick them.but we didn’t see anything.I have request to All of my friends in Australia. Please,Please we are in center 422 refugees. We want help from Australian government. I don’t like to be in any another camps.As Human beings. Please wake up together for our issue.And let us out to Another Country. Thanks.

  • Kamran Ali

My dear friends,

Im so sorry, i am going off from Facebook.
I don’t feel well. Don’t have much strength.

I want to use the little strength i have to fight for my rights.
I will be off until i get freedom in safe place or maybe off forever, that would mean i would be not alive.

My mum is sick,my family is so worried, can’t make them more said by my posts about our horrible situations 😢😢😢.

I have got heart pain as well. My heart is too tired 💔.

I want to ask you people again to forgive me plz 🙏🙏🙏Maybe i have hurt you by my words or action. 😭 😭 🙏🙏🙏

Im so Thankful to All my lovely friends who supporting us in every way. Plz keep supporting us until we get freedom in a safe place.

Take care, and love each others, hate can only give you a big burden which would be hard to bear.

Bye bye

Walid Zazai, 11th November 2017


For the last four and a half years time I have gone through incredible experiences but yesterday what I faced was a huge shock. The PNG authorities have destroyed the tents shelters and the water which we managed to store to drink. It’s a great human rights abuse.

I still don’t know why we are still being punished. As a human I have my right to resist being sent to danger. What has happened to me for the last four and half years was totally against my will. I never decided to come to PNG I was brought here by force. I was detained against the PNG constitution.

I’m begging you please stop pushing us. We didn’t come to your country to destroy your nation or for a luxury life. We just came to seek protection. We were tortured, persecuted and been imprisoned. What has happened? Nothing has changed. We are facing the same treatment. In fact it’s worse than what we were experienced.

Every human being has the right to live his or her life peacefully and with his or her own way. I’m again and and again saying we are human. Our families are extremely saddened and worried about us. Imagine you in this situation and act.

I’m begging you please help us. We leave our lives in your hand. Dear brother dear sister and my dear friend please help us. We are slowly dying.

  • Shamindan 11.11.2017



“We have been in a peaceful protest for more than 100 days. We have shown peaceful resistance to send a message that we are not going to leave this prison camp for another prison camp.  We did not come to PNG by our will. Australia exiled us by force to this country and has kept us in this prison camp for nearly five years even though we have committed no crime.  PNG is insisting on moving us under pressure and force to another prison camp.  Right now they are taking down the fences and they have put signs around saying we have 2 days to move to another prison and if we do not move then they will move us by force.  Using force is completely unacceptable.  We have been totally peaceful and even silent in our daily protest.  We do not want to move from one prison to another. Forcing us to live in PNG is against international law.  The obligation is to protect refugees not force them into danger.  We are resisting peacefully.  We are asking again for safety and freedom in a third country”.
– Behrouz Boochani

“This afternoon the PNG authorities and police came to the compound and put up a notice and the notice is saying we have to move out of this camp within 48 hours. If we refuse to move they will move us by force. They are saying this place is condemned because of the health issues so we should move.

They are removing the fences around the camp. They are also going to lock some gates between the compounds to shrink us and stop us from freely moving inside the camp.

The situation in the camp is intensively getting worse. The guys are firmly determined to remain in the MRPC. We are all united. We have become one family and brothers because of these circumstances”.

  • Shamindan

We are vulnerable refugees. We have always respected the local and national laws of PNG. We forwarded our Humanitarian crisis and issues to the apex court of the hosting nation to get some relief but in vain. Instead of getting some relief, we have been pushed into other issues that lead to nowhere. We have taken a solemn pledge to adhere to our plight of resistance against the swap of one detention with another,.despite the the withdrawal of all amenities in a meeting. We can’t afford to bid for a extremely dangerous area of the island. 

All the human rights bodies of wold know well about our plight of deprivation deprivation and indignity meted out to us, for the last four half years. They are standing by us and supporting us to their utmost. We are extremely grateful to them as well as the world Media personnel and dailies for their untold endeavors to envisage our oppression before the world nations and bodies. We also appreciate the Australian kind people and political parties activists who came out in a big number in support and solidarity. May God bless them all.

  • Naeem Bangash


Hello dear Australian public – the proudest and bravest people..Four years ago we arrived on Christmas Island and then they sent us here for to Manus for processing… We didn’t come here voluntarily They brought us here by force and put us here in this prison..After they brought us here, from that day onwards we never heard any good news only torturous, stressed and sad bad news.. They put 50 guys into each tent and those compound’s names are Oscar and Delta – a small room with four people in each room where barley two people should be.. Fox compound and Mike are all the same.. Here our brothers lost their minds – lost soo many things. Sooo many things Australian Immigration have done to us.. I haven’t compassion in one person.. Here we lost 6 friends those who was came here for a peaceful life but they were killed here 😢😢 Now they have left us here in darkness They have stopped everything – water food and power. They thought when we stop all of this they will all surely die there because they were convinced that we would have no way to get food..but the Australian public you have helped us sooo much and through you we got some food through by boat There was a small generator left in the compound, today when they found that they took that too.. The Australian Government has done too much to us… Now we are in darkness and suffering and under even more stress because of this horrible situation..The people in my country? We would never do this to strangers – those who came to me and trusted me? I would protect them and keep them safe. When i was a kid I was taught to respect humanity and treat everyone well. When we see what people are doing for us with lots and lots of protests – for us it gives so much hope to each one and every one here.. We are sooo proud on Australian activists.. No not activists.. We are all a family now..Soo I have a big request to the Australian public please do your best just don’t stop your voices.. Your voice can change the world… Your voice has more power than the Government.. Unity and strength can change everything

  • Jon Snow

Sent out of Manus Prison Camp 6th November 2017

The PNG Minister for Immigration said yesterday that some people here act as leaders to influence the others and stop them from moving to East Lorengau.
We made this video to show he is just trying to make excuses in the media.
Of course, all his words yesterday were just like ABF telling him.
Some people moved outside and we didn’t tell them anything.
There’s no leaders here.
We are just here coz we need a solution for our situation.
We didn’t ask the Australian government to build another detention centre for us.
Seeking asylum is not a Crime.
We haven’t committed any crime to put us in prison for four years and half.
Yet still they want us to move to another detention centre after all the suffering and torture here.
We were brought here against our will and during the four years we got treated less than animals.
So, they are the one who are making crimes against our humanity and against the international laws.
We decided to stand up this time and we are not going to move to anywhere else in this country that you brought us to against our will.
” Enough is enough ”
Plz take us from this country coz we want to be out of this hell more than anyone.
– @ManusAlert


We lost each and everything.

I have seen many many tears

for last four years.

  • Kaleem


They have a plan to kill us here

Someone has got heart attack

But no one care

  • KZ


A message from Manus detention centre.
Please share this letter as much as you can
There is a human tragedy on manus Island going on from one week ago.
The Australian government has cut power, water, food, medical services and every other things from detainees in its torturing center on manus Island after more than 4 years torturing them in different ways. It is only because they don’t want to leave the camp a live in PNG.
The security guards and the all other staff left us all alone since 30th October 2017.
There’s no any guard around the camp only two mobile police squad which try to stop the boats which detainees hire to get the food to the camp to survive on. Some of the navy staff help the police in doing that too.
In the whole world police and armed forces are organized to help people but in PNG it is different.
They are trying to stop anyone who tries to get food or water for detainees on manus Island torturing center.
There is only one way to get food and necessary things to camp which is using the boats from lorengua town to the camp.
They also frightened and threatened local local people to not sell anything to detainees.
In this terrible situation which the two governments of Australia and PNG have put their hands on detainees necks, we want and ask the RED CROSS AND THE RED CRESCENT ORGANIZATIONS of the all countries to act so urgently and rescue detainees from the cruelty of those two governments which are the first and the most professionals in committing inhumane actions against refugees.
We are asking you to rescue and set us free which is the most important thing for us.
Australia has taken us as political hostages. They do not want to take us to Australia and they don’t let us go to New Zealand or Canada where they welcome us to their countries.
Please help to stop this human tragedy. We need a very urgent help. Please help us.

  • M.


My plea for my life

The Australian Prime Minister has again rejected the New Zealand offer saying if they let us go to Zealand the boats will come. So when they settle us in USA the people smugglers won’t start the smuggling? Or is he indirectly saying he won’t settle us anywhere but will sacrifice our lives forever for his political career?

This has been a human rights breach. For the last four and half years they have been torturing us. For the last six days the Australian government officially stopped food water and electricity and sanitation. If we are extremely sick we can’t get any medical service. Our only option is to die as the world watches.
It’s an international obligation to help us but no one willing to. Where is UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations? We are slowly dying. There are solutions but most of the Australian politicians prefer to keep destroying our lives. There is no hope for our futures.

So now we have no hope.

I have a question for the Australian government and the world. What are you going to do?
Will you watch us die here in this hell?


  • Shamindan
We r still surviving
despite all hardship and starvation
Yet alive and ready to not give up
no matter what my dear
Dying on our feet
rather than living on our knees
– Abdi



People are starving and hunger and and thirst is everywhere in camp. Locals and churches are trying their best to provide food and water in the camp for the starving people. People have no electricity so when they tried to get help from the nearby home and a kind woman wanted to help with charging phones, a huge contingent of Navy and police arrived to arrest the woman and confiscate the phone sets. She was continously weeping and crying over the situation happening with these helpless people. She still vows to help us through every possible help according to her capacity. Everyone is barred from outside to provide some Humanitarian needs, but in vain. Even it is not possible to take some stuff stealthily with the help of locals living around,even locals tried to help us with their meager resources but in vain. A Humanitarian crisis is looming sooner or later if no help get in from the outside world. They are adamant to close the so called RPC through force and starvation. No sewage system is working anymore and filth will cause the epidemic of dysentery pretty much soon. We appeal to the outside world to assert every possible pressure on the authorities concerned to allow some help insd the camp for relief.

  • Naeem
Someone left camp to hillside house yesterday
but he came back again today
He had bad feeling over there.
Only food and water there.
He said if we be hungry here
its better than there.
–  KZ #Manus
You recognize me from my words
You never see my self and meet me
I am a reality
I’m a real experience of pain
People are different
Even us in here
– K #Manus



“The Australian government has disconnected the electricity and stopped the water supply. We were starving and was very thirst.

We couldn’t use toilet or have a shower to cool our body to prevent get burn from the heat because we run out of water. We were pleading to the government show some compassion on us but they didn’t listen to our plead.

It was extremely hot here and it would be very had when you do not have a shower. The government and the politicians didn’t listen to us or didn’t open up their mind and heart but the Mother Nature poured down the water to her sons who were suffering on Manus detention hell with rain. We had a shower and feel comfortable with Mother Nature’s kindness. For me I don’t think it’s rain it’s the natur’s and the people’s tears who are crying and worrying for the 600 men who are suffering.

Thank you to the rain which let us to have a shower today. It’s very clear the government can stop the water but can not stop the nature”.

  • Shamindan #Manus



The whole world is watching what the Australian Government is doing with us as they walk away from us today after four and a half years of hell and leave us in more fear.

Sooo I just want to ask the Australian Government, is this your humanity?

Do you have any heart.

Shame on you shame on you.

We are all sooo proud on Senator Nick McKim. He is the most wonderful person and I just want to share my thanks and respect to him because today he came to visit us and showed his solidarity with us..we have no words for him.. Australia needs more like him.

He saw everything for his own eyes that the Australian Government is doing with us – no water no food and no power. So how can you stop this on us and leave us all behind? Just think if someone did this to your son or brother and your family?  What would you feel?  You know how much pain our families are feeling today? They are so worried.

You have no humanity. You have no mercy. We are human just the same as you. We have no security and we are just alone in this compound. Everyone is feeling sooo scared and stressed. If anything happens you are responsible Peter Dutton. I know you have power you think you have everything but there is a greater power than you called God. God never ever forgives those people who hurt humanity and innocent people and children. God will ask you one day what did you do with us. We all belong to God. God says you should respect humanity and refugees. You can try and hide everything but you will never hide your wrong doings from God – he sees you.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Voice From Manus,,,,,,,,,,,,

A single day out of 1516