I Will Rise – Tasmanian Book Launch

Hani is an incredibly brave writer. This book is a cathartic journey, purging her hardships through the creation of beauty. Hani throughout the pain of her experiences has kept hope and joy alive through her poetry. From Somalia to Christmas Island detention to Sydney, the theme of Hani’s challenging life has been and still is ‘I Will Rise’. The poems are full of passion, emotion and intellectual depth. The kind of passion that tears at the reader/listener and forces us to question out won role in keeping prolific artists like this locked away from Australian shores. The richness of her language and the vividness of her imagery signals the beginnings of a great writer. Keep watching this poet.

– Miles Merril, Word Travels.

I Will Rise was written between 2013 and 2016. Hani says: “My pen and paper were bright flashes that lit up my steps. I had no hope other than writing poetry and turning what I wrote into reality”. This she did. I Will Rise reflects Hani’s tenacity and determination, her dedication to writing and her creative approach to all that life has brought.

A huge thank you to Anna Forsyth of Best Light Communications for all her work which went beyond what many would offer.

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I WILL RISE by Hani Abdile will be launched in Hobart from 5.30pm on Friday 16th December 2016.

Hobart Bookshop, 22 Salamanca Square, Hobart, Tasmania.

“Hani Abdile is a Somali asylum seeker who came to Australia by boat when she was only 17 years old. Her poetry speaks of experiences most of us could not bear to live through, yet with a courage and passion that defies her circumstances. Hani is based in Sydney, but we are lucky to have her in Hobart for the launch of her extraordinary new book” – Emily Conolan

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