Hani Abdile

Hani Abdile is a poet who performs around Sydney and is the Sydney faciliatator of Writing Through Fences.

She curates a night of poetry, The Arrivalists, at Parliament on King in Newtown.

Hani was detained in Christmas Island for 19 months and is now on a bridging visa in community.


I am

I used to think I am alone

and hold myself back.

Scared to express my feelings

and make my life a mess,

I sat silently

and agreed with my thoughts.

I forgot I had a chance.

They pushed me back

and broke my heart.

I stood for nothing

but a waste of number.

They held me down

but I got up.

I am ready to brush off the dust.

Here I am.

You will hear my voice,

that is my sound.

Now I am flying like a bird.

You can see me

diving up so high.

I fight for my rights

and go from zero to hero.

They locked me in

but I got out.

I am ready to brush off the dust.

Here I am a Somali girl.

I am not a waste of number.

I am not a victim.

I am a hero

and I am a leader.

– Hani Abdile 2015

image still Rodney Decker