From Hell to Hell

This February the Refugee Rights Action Network WA (RRAN) will host the launch of Ravi’s first collection of writing and poems titled ‘From Hell to Hell’. 


When:  6pm, Friday, 5th February.

Where: Centre for Stories, 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, WA.

All welcome.

‘It is rare to hear first-hand accounts from inside Australia’s detention centres. It is particularly rare to hear any stories from within Australian-run offshore detention centres. The small amount we do hear comes from whistleblowers breaching contracts and deeds of confidentiality to speak out. Almost never do we hear from the people detained inside our centres. Ravi is one man willing to speak about what happened to him.

After travelling to Australia from Sri Lanka by boat, Ravi was detained in Nauru Regional Processing Centre and Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation for over three years. He is now living in the community and has published a collection of his poems written from within our detention centre system’. –  Mark Isaacs

In the introduction to this collection, Ravi writes of artmaking and writing becoming tools to endure the suffering and despair he lived through during the 3 years of detention in what he calls ‘human dumping grounds’.  He explains that he had not written prior to being imprisoned in our black site on Nauru however he found and continues to find this a form not only of survival but expression and resistance.  I suggest too that we read this collection as an art form in and of itself.

Ravi has launched his book in Melbourne and Sydney.

Ravi is a member of Writing Through Fences and this collection is published by us.