Boush is a writer from the Darfur region of Sudan.

After years of being detained in Indonesia he has now been granted Refugee Status but remains in limbo in Indonesia.

I WONDER: for Bashir

Mr. President, I wonder why we hide behind fences and talk about your wickedness? I wonder why you are still president? I wonder if you want to change your way to peace?

I wonder about our country where rich people live and poor people slowly die.

I cannot say anything or criticize you when I find myself around your wickedness, but I can when I feel out side of your reach.

For you there is nowhere to hide but there is for me.

You still teach lies and deal your wickedness to those who never feel free and never feel peace. Is there still human life among your bad mystery?

I wonder why those humans still begging for peace, searching for love, a hug, education and heath care are not allowed to talk on their rights?
I wonder if presidents are always going to be crazy and the world is always going to be mysterious?
I wonder why we can not live with each other, why we can not live with ourselves?

I wonder why we cannot help each other to find a solution to our problems?

I wonder what they would think if we spoke out and organized our words to express our suffering condition?

Would they think it was robotic communication? Meaningless?

I really wonder!

I wonder about those poor presidents who govern rich people and poor, but all live with respect, freedom, democracy and peace around them.

I wonder about my stupid president who is still in a deep sleep, dealing wickedness, lying to us while others bring peace and love to their people!

I wonder, what would happen if we woke you up?

-Boush, 2015